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AnyDesk Updates for Windows and Linux are now available!

Why updating your software is a must do?

An update is meant to address two objectives:

  • Correct bugs within the software that makes it perform less than optimal
  • Add new major features and tools.

When you update, you are updating the software version and the patch number. In this case: AnyDesk 3.2.0 for Windows and AnyDesk 2.9.0 for Linux.

How do I update to the latest version of AnyDesk?

AnyDesk does not update automatically. The update process has to be initiated manually. When a new version is available, this is indicated by the blue box in the connection tab. Click on the link showing the latest version number to update AnyDesk. The good news are that our updates for free and all our versions are compatible with each other.

What to expect in AnyDesk 3.2.0 for Windows

New Features

  • The address book now offers sorting options, remembers the last used view type (list/tiles) and opens the tag dialog immediately after an address has been added.
  • We added session status messages to the chat.
  • The accept window will no longer auto-close tabs when chat messages have been sent/received.
  • Sessions can now be accepted via ‘Enter’ and dismissed via ‘Esc’.
  • The session time is now shown during a session and after a disconnect.
  • The remote user client ID is now shown during a session (additionally to its alias).
  • Your fingerprint can now be seen in the “about” panel.
  • The password for unattended access is now controlled via a dialog and you have to enter your password twice to check for spelling mistakes.
  • Added language auto-selection (will select system language).

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed problems that occured during elevation with credentials.The direct connection icon in the backend was greyed out although there was a direct connection.
  • The drop link feature dropped an invalid link (name instead of address).
  • After disconnect it was no longer possible to mark/copy chat messages.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when sending chat messages.
  • Some chat messages have not been recorded.
  • Fixed wrong message shown in the frontend on session request rejected.
  • Fixed some bugs with keyboard focus.
  • Fixed a bug with auto-selection of tabs in accept window.
  • Sometimes the address book did not show online states when it was opened for the first time.
  • Fixed some bugs with tag selection in the address book.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing the main window while the address book was opened.
  • Fixed filtering of recent connections.
  • Fixed recent connection being removed from favorites on name change.
  • In some cases a wrong text was shown on connection request.

Other Changes

  • The accept and dismiss buttons are now disabled for a short time when entering a new session state to prevent accidentally clicking them.
  • The accept window is now only always on top when there are not yet accepted sessions left and it will be back on top on session request.
  • The accept window will now auto-select an incoming session tab in some situations.
  • Added bottom right resize corner.
  • Added some localization.

Discover the highlights of AnyDesk 2.9.0 for Linux

New Features

  • The main change of the new version is the GUI improvement: it’s a lot more polished now and you will get to enjoy a new redesign, user friendly and intuitive. We love it, and your staff and clients will also come to do so.
  • For the speed dial we implemented an advanced view, online states for speed dial items and a favorite function.
  • Our chat has been redesigned as well and we added chat recorder to write chat logs to disk.
  • We added a single accept window with tabs.
  • You can now transfer multiple files at the same time.
  • Added surpress hotkeys to transmit e.g. Alt-Tab or Alt-F4 instead of executing it on its own side.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a bug in the audio code that could crash the backend.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the image transmission because of a custom message sent by QT application that caused the capture compontent to stop.
  • Fixed several deadlocks.
  • Fixed a bug that could spam X11 and cause a complete X11 hangup.
  • Fixed a race condition that could crash the backend.
  • Fixed a bug that crashed the service when receiving SIGPIPE.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an empty accept window to appear.
  • Fixed a bug that could deadlock the accept window.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the timer to crash.

A big thank you to the great feedback and support from our customers. If you would like to see something added to AnyDesk, feel free to leave your comments and thoughts in our community: http://support.anydesk.com/ or send them to support@anydesk.com