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AnyDesk smashed the 20 million download barrier. Thank you!

Almost three years on the market

AnyDesk was founded three years ago in Stuttgart, Germany. Unlike other remote desktop systems, we wanted to create a software that allows the user to work almost in real-time, and we made it: our application offers a speed of up to 12 milliseconds (invisible to the naked eye), making it the fastest system on the market. AnyDesk is also very safe software as it uses TLS 1.2 encryption technology – the same as the online banking sector. With AnyDesk, data does not move around in the cloud and users sharing the connection provide authentication details in encrypted form for increased security. Speed and security make our product unique!

20 million downloads

We recently smashed the 20 million download barrier. Our software is available in 200 countries worldwide and in 28 languages. AnyDesk’s main users are located in Germany, the United States, Spain, France and Latin America. Our CEO, Philipp Weiser commented on the milestone: ‘20 million downloads is just the beginning. We are committed to becoming the market leader by offering the most secure and efficient remote desktop application available. With our team of developers constantly looking at new ways of protecting our customers’ data and ensuring that access is quick and easy, I’m confident we will see another 20 million downloads in the near future.’

This success would not have been possible without our beloved clients. You made this happen by giving us feedback, trusting us and choosing our remote desktop solution. Thank you!

Why AnyDesk

  • With AnyDesk, you have direct access to your computers. Without detours via insecure clouds.
  • AnyDesk is universally deployable, for all operating systems and application areas.
  • AnyDesk undergoes continuous development by an independent German business, in the interests of its customers.
  • AnyDesk frees you from expensive program updates and hidden costs. Because all updates are free of charge, and all program versions are always compatible with each other.

AnyDesk Mobile

Our recently launched Apps for iOS & Android were key to increase our downloads and users. Remote desktop connections from your mobile device to Windows, Mac or Linux computers are now a snap. They’re free for non commercial use and easy to set up – no firewalls, ports or IP addresses required. You can download, try it and give us your feedback here:


Please note If you´re a private user you can use AnyDesk for free and without registration. For commercial purposes, our licenses AnyDesk Lite and AnyDesk Professional are available starting at 60 and 180 euros per year respectively. Get additional information here: http://anydesk.de/order

Happy weekend… We´re now off to celebrate!

Your AnyDesk Team.

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