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AnyDesk Remote Desktop Licenses – What Model Suits Your Needs?

Pricing Models of AnyDesk

When it comes to remote desktop access, finding the perfect solution for your company can be tricky. Different companies need different features and larger companies generally need more options than smaller ones…

Optimally, there should be hundreds of different possibilities for customization. However, when you take a look at the AnyDesk website (https://anydesk.com/en/order), you’ll only see 3 different license models. The question is: are those three options enough to meet my needs?

Of course! Take a closer look – even though there are 3 basic tiers, you can still customize your license to match with your company’s needs.

Don’t know where to start? Simply ask yourself two basic questions and we’ll help you find the right license:

How many devices will you connect from?

What features are vital for you?

Now, keep those answers in mind while you browse through our license models!


Let’s say you’re a small business or a freelancer. If there’s only one of you – one device – that needs the license to control multiple endpoints, AnyDesk Lite might be right for you.

It’s already in the name: With AnyDesk Lite, you get a light and simple model for commercial use: One device, one session.

Here’s a quick overview over the basic features you get with the Lite license:

  • Free updates
  • Compatibility with older versions of AnyDesk
  • Commercial use
  • Unlimited endpoints
  • Android & iPhone Apps
  • Remote control for Android
  • Transmission of Audio and Video
  • File transfer
  • Remote printing: Print out a document from the remote device on your local printer!
  • On-screen whiteboard
  • Auto-discovery: Which devices are nearby? AnyDesk detects them automatically!

If that’s all you need – AnyDesk Lite is the license for you.


If you already know that you’re going to need more devices than one, then check out AnyDesk Professional, which gives you everything you get with Lite and much more.

On top of all the Lite features, you also get:

  • Unlimited devices
  • An address book
  • Custom alias: This is a personalized username. Instead of getting assigned random numbers, you can choose a fitting alias for yourself, for example jsample@ad.
  • Session logging: Check the date, time, and duration of your AnyDesk sessions!
  • REST interface: Integrate the AnyDesk session log into your company’s own IT systems by developing and using the REST API.
  • Admin features: Administer your company’s AnyDesk installation and licenses through a central web-based app. Deployment and update processes are a breeze in large Windows networks with AnyDesk-MSI packages that can be individually configured or you can choose installation via Windows group policies.
  • Custom Client: Configure your own individual AnyDesk program file that will enable you to use your company logo or disable incoming or outgoing sessions.

But – and that’s the clue – it doesn’t have to end there. If AnyDesk Professional sounds almost perfect except for some tiny adjustments, here’s what you can add:

You need to expand the number of sessions? You can add anytime additional session.

Do you not only want a custom alias, but also a custom namespace to unify the employees of your company (for example jsample@samplecompany)? You can add 20 slots for your custom namespace.


Still need more?

Maybe you’re considering getting the Professional License, but you already know that you have to add more active devices.

Maybe you want the option of having unlimited sessions because you want to access a large pool of PCs. Again, you get everything you’d get with the Professional License, plus 3 active devices instead of the one singular session that is standard for AnyDesk Professional.

And here’s the best part: You also get 3 active devices and can add more at anytime. As you can see, the options are simple yet sufficiently tailored so everyone can find the right option. If you’re still having trouble finding the right solution, feel free to contact our Sales Team at https://anydesk.com/en/contact/sales.