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AnyDesk Reaches 100,000,000 Downloads!

AnyDesk employees

On the 21st of May 2019, we reached a total of 100 million downloads of our award-winning remote desktop access software since our founding five years ago. It’s difficult to put into words all the hard work that went into achieving this milestone; not only among our developers, but everyone in the AnyDesk family. We also need to thank our fantastic users. Their feedback helps us develop our software to better meet their needs and reach our goal of producing the world’s best remote access solution.

This is also an opportunity to take stock of where AnyDesk is now after five years in existence and with a proven track record. 100 million is a truly astounding number, and it reflects a more subtle shift in our company. As attractive and cool as it may be, we’re no longer a start-up; at least not in the sense that we’re a new company seeking to establish ourselves on the market.

There’s no other way of saying it: AnyDesk has arrived. We are a major player in the remote desktop access market with a global footprint. On the one hand, this means a greater responsibility to our customers to provide them with a constantly improving solution; but on the other it confirms that we are on the right track and users appreciate the quality we can provide.

However, there is one area where we’d like to remain a start-up, at least in spirit, and that’s our vibrant corporate culture. We may not be as small a team as we once were, but AnyDesk retains its internal diversity and tight-knit atmosphere. Having positive and forward-thinking people from around the world will remain a priority for us as we continue to grow and develop.

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