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Employee Spotlight – A Peek Inside AnyDesk Channel Sales With Hugo

AnyDesk Partner Program

The Role of Channel Sales and the Importance of Our Partner Network

This March, we have launched a new global Channel Partner Program that empowers AnyDesk partners to resell and market our products and services. Our goal is to provide our partners with professional tools to support their business, that’s why we have developed an improved partner community for distributors, resellers, system integrators, and managed service providers that offers incentives, marketing and managing tools, as well as trainings.

Selling a product or service globally requires many things: You need to understand the needs, sensitivities, and characteristics of a local market to successfully place your product. Our partners help us on this journey while we enable them to empower their own customers to increase productivity and efficiency through AnyDesk.

In this blog post, Hugo Silva, Global Director of Channel Sales at AnyDesk, speaks about his team, their joint achievements, and the special significance of the new Partner Program. Peek inside the work of Channel Sales and get to know Hugo and his team.

AnyDesk: Hi Hugo! Give us a short introduction of yourself. Who are you and what is your role at AnyDesk?

Hugo: My name is Hugo, and I am originally from Portugal. I started working at AnyDesk in July 2021, so it’s been 9 months now. I manage the global Channel Business at AnyDesk and my role is to basically help, scale, build, and grow our international Channel Business across the globe.

AnyDesk: What drives you personally in your daily work as Global Director of Channel Sales?

Hugo: Definitely the people and building relationships with them. The essence of Channel Business is all about building and maintaining relationships. The beauty of Channel Business is that you do business with people, not with machines. Your business is based on the relationships that you have built over time with your customers and partners.

AnyDesk: Your team is very diverse. How is it to be working with such a multi-cultural, international team?

Hugo: Yes, indeed, we are very diverse. We currently have two colleagues in APAC, six team members in EMEA, and three colleagues in the Americas, and still have open positions to fill. Our cultural backgrounds range from Spanish, Polish, Russian, Brazilian, and American to Indonesian, Chinese, Romanian, Portuguese, Moroccan, and French.

It’s this kind of diversity that makes Channel Business such a beautiful thing. It’s about exchanging cultures and communication. Despite our different cultural backgrounds, we all align on our business goals, personal ambitions, and principles and share a mutual respect for how we treat each other.

AnyDesk: Can you explain briefly what the Channel Sales Team does at AnyDesk?

Hugo: Absolutely. Channel Sales is a go-to-market approach. In this case, we sell our product indirectly to end customers by managing a network of partners and distributors who, in return, reach out to their own customers to resell our products and services to them. It’s their end customers who, in the end, will be using our services.

AnyDesk: Why is it important, in your opinion, to reach markets also through local resellers?

Hugo: It’s all about scalability and reachability. There are customers we are not able to reach directly because we might not have the reach or salesforce in a certain area. By having partners on the ground who talk to their local customers in their own language we create more reachability and build brand awareness. That’s what we are aiming for.

AnyDesk: What are you most proud of since you started working at AnyDesk? What is your biggest achievement?

Hugo: My biggest achievement was the launch of the new Partner Program as it was very important to me on a personal level. When I came on board at AnyDesk, the team that was already in place at the time did an amazing job. At the peak of the pandemic, they put something together really fast to be able to support the partners that were reaching out to us. Coming to AnyDesk and building a very structured and organized program in which we can already see the initial successes, that’s one of the things that make me proud.

But my success is only valid if my team is successful. I look at my team and see them smiling and having fun with the work they are doing. They can reach their own goals and trust the direction in which we are going as a company and as a team. That definitely makes me proud, too.

AnyDesk: What stands out as the biggest benefit of joining the AnyDesk Partner Community, in your eyes?

Hugo: We are a scale-up company, and the partner program represents exactly this new journey of discovery that we have embarked on. The biggest benefit is the service AnyDesk provides with its security, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and ease of use. The channel team also aligned one of AnyDesk’s core values, which is being totally partner and customer-focused.  

The partners open new doors for their customers to do business in new ways, and that’s one of the biggest benefits. It’s about being part of this journey. We are starting, we are growing, so everybody who starts with us will benefit from the growth that we are going to have in the years to come.

AnyDesk: Looking into the future, do you have a specific vision for your team and the Partner Program?

Hugo:  A Partner Program is nothing that you just launch and then stays the same forever. It is a living element. Even with the program that we currently have, there are always things you need to adjust depending on the market and the reachability.

However, I do have a vision and it might be a bold one: I want AnyDesk to be known as the company to go to and work with. We are the most customer- and partner-centric provider in our industry. We have an amazing product, outstanding service and support, and a great team that will do everything in its power to carry on this partner journey in a very smooth, easy, and scalable way, for the partners as well as for us.

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