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AnyDesk for Mac ready

AnyDesk for Mac released

All you iMac and MacBook Users watch out!

Today we’ve just released the long-awaited native mac-version of AnyDesk. As you people know we take our time in order to truly meet to the high standards in security and quality of our software. So while this is still a Beta version, it’s almost perfectly stable and public: and that means you’re free to download and try it! 🙂 It delivers all the AnyDesk qualities you’re already used to from the PC or Linux versions! The Mac version is native and therefore highly performant. In terms of the remote connections it uses the same technology as our other versions. It relies on our specially developed DeskRT video codec. DeskRT enables high-frequency screen refresh rates that bring you the fluent, low-latency access to any computer you’d like to connect with (you may even remotely work jitter-free on graphical applications). It really doesn’t matter which AnyDesk version or OS your client or remote computer are running: just enter the number of the computer ID and you’re ready to go. The final version will also feature file transfer and audio transmission functions as well. All in all we’re very pleased to finally offer our users the, as we believe ;), greatest remote-desktop-experience for Apple computers, too. We hope you enjoy it, and feel free to give us some feedback.