AnyDesk helps deliver spectacular European Cup images

by Michael Keith

Aerial camera specialist Spidercam relies on the remote desktop tool AnyDesk to provide technical support for its systems

Every sports fan has seen the spectacular images from stadiums and arenas: using so-called aerial cameras that ‘fly over’ the playing field by remote control, they provide breathtaking TV images from a bird’s eye perspective. Spidercam is the world market leader in this segment with offices in Hamburg, Austria and the USA. Right now, Spidercam cameras are being used to broadcast impressive footage from the football stadiums at the European Championship. To provide technical support for these critical systems, the aerial camera specialist relies on the remote desktop software AnyDesk (

We have a new Linux version

by Michael Keith

Our Linux version is now on par with the Windows edition and available for download (ver. 2.3.1)

The interface has been significantly reworked and more elegantly rendered in order to make it more user-friendly for Linux users. The look and feel is now on a par with the Windows version, and users benefit from additional ease of use, including audio transmission. In this context, the functions have also been equalized among the various software versions. Moreover, a problem that sometimes occurred when AnyDesk was installed via the graphical installer KDE has been eliminated. Some dependencies previously had to be installed manually, which could result in difficulties with the startup of the X-Server. Other improvements include the integration of a new keyboard protocol. This means that users who do not use a German keyboard will notice an improvement.

We're really pleased with this development and since we released the 2.3.1 we have been able to focus even more of our resources on a very similar but also eagerly anticipated project to add just one more thing ...

Welcome to the AnyDesk Blog

by Michael Keith

Exciting things are happening at AnyDesk and were here to keep you up to date with recent developments. Check back regularly for a heads-up about new events, features, interesting stories and things that are just plain fun.