One of the places that you are at highest risk of having your identity stolen is in your own home, at your computer. Its use has become an integral part of modern-day living. Think for a moment about all the things that you use your computer for: paying bills online, checking your bank account, work-related information, e-mailing your friends and family. That´s why we take security very seriously at AnyDesk! Check out our tips and security settings that will help bring you peace of mind and protect sensitive information.

Introducing AnyDesk 2.3.6 for Linux

by Maria Alonso

Dear AnyDesk users, we are happy to announce that our new linux version 2.3.6 is now officially available for download. At AnyDesk we work hard on a daily basis to deliver the fastest remote desktop solution on the market.

AnyDesk's PowerUser Option: More Bang for your Buck!

by Maria Alonso

AnyDesk's PowerUser-Option: More Bang for your Buck!

When thinking about buying their license, our clients often ask about our PowerUser-option. What is PowerUser? Do I need to buy it? Can I really have an unlimited number of sessions open? Do I need to buy this feature for each seat? Find all your answers and detailed information in this article...