This week we´re happy to announce the latest version of our remote desktop software for Windows and MAC: AnyDesk 2.5.0. Find out the new features this release has to offer by reading this article!

Why is AnyDesk so lightweight?

by Maria Alonso

Whether you need to share a slide deck, help someone troubleshoot a technical issue, access your PC files from work or give a presentation to your department, screen sharing must be up and running immedeately, with as few clicks as possible. This is why we tried to make AnyDesk as simple as possible in any regard. One main aspect is AnyDesk's compact program file. On the windows platform, the 1.4MB AnyDesk.exe is all you'll ever need. AnyDesk turns any desktop into your desktop in seconds.

Do you want to know how did we manage to get it so small? Check out this article...

All you need to know about AnyDesk Enterprise

by Maria Alonso

Are you looking for a remote desktop solution with your own communication server? Then AnyDesk Enterprise is the right choice for you: It lets you operate your own independent AnyDesk network instead of using our worldwide server network. This is particularly interesting for organizations with special requirements regarding data security which guidelines don't allow software that communicates with third party servers to be installed on their desktop computers.